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Steeldive Australia

Inspired by famous Diver watches from the past, Steeldive is a young, ambitious micro-brand that produces a range of classic watches - powered by a reliable, modern NH35 movement - that are faithful to the ideals and design aesthetics of the originals. The watches look superb, are manufactured to a high quality: and the value is unbeatable.

Seestern Australia

With Seestern we are diving deep into the world of dive watches and more!

DSC_5685 拷贝.jpg

Sugess Australia

with Seagull 1963

Sugess are crafted with scrupulous attention to detail. The Seagull 1963, or ‘304’ plays an important role in the history of Chinese military watches, and is therefore a must-have for watch collectors worldwide. Discover the broad selection of Sugess watches to find a perfect combination of style and functionality.

About SteeldiveAU and BurnsideChrono

We, BurnsideChrono partners are watch enthusiasts from Adelaide, South Australia. We have been engaged in online watches retail and modification services since 2019. In online markets including eBay, we have distributed and serviced thousands of watches. Our long-term quality service has won praise from customers and the trust of suppliers all over the world.

Since October 2020, we have become the Australian Authorized Retailer of Steeldive and have sold more than one thousand of Steeldive watches in Australia and Worldwide. Steeldive watches have received wide acclaim in our stores. 

In April 2021, at the request of Steeldive manufacturers, we started to build and operate this Steeldive Australia Official website. We continue to provide quality products and services at more favorable prices here.

In December 2021, in response to the requests of BurncideChrono customers, we started to select the most popular watch brands and models from our market store, and made their own dedicated pages for each brand on this website.

In April 2022, we started using as the primary domain name for this site, while keeping the domain name active.

In the world of micro brands, BurnsideChrono is proud to give strong and attentive quality control. Our exclusive testing and regulating process ensures that every watch is of reliable quality before it ships. We also strive to provide excellent customer service. Our skills and passion enhance both product and service quality, make up for the deficiencies caused by manufacturers' mass production, and take the micro brands up a notch.

We offer a six month warranty on all watch purchases and free Express Postage (Australia Post Express + Signature) delivery anywhere in interstate Australia. We also post Worldwide, please check the rest of our shipping destinations.

Please feel free to contact us via email at or

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